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    We collaborate with our
    strategic partners
    as we believe together we're stronger
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    QUALITY and
    Is Our Outsourcing promise to our customers
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    Our Software developments entails "Out Of the box" thinking
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    Our business consultants can help customers achieve this
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    & Hardware sales
    Our IT support services are outsourceable

At Intellize, we specialize in providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services.

Software Development Services

At Intellize, Software Development is one of our core skills.

Business Consultancy Services

At Intellize, Consulting in shared service center creation is our passion

IT Support & Hardware Sales

At Intellize, We specialize in providing technical support services to organizations.


About US

  • Intellize Holdings is an innovative and progressive company with multiple leading-edge and technically driven “Pillars of Services”.

    Our Services cut across Information Technology that includes customized developments as well as software products, Information Technology Enabled Services (Outsourcing), Information Technology Support Services & Hardware Sales and Business Services Consultancy.

  • Our strength is our Employees as well as our Business Partners.

    We believe in Collaboration and building Strategic Partnerships in order to deliver best TOTAL solutions to our Customers.We collectively are “Team Intellize” – that builds and provide Intelligence based Services and hence the name of “Intellize”.

Why Us

At Intellize, we have created the "right mix" of a combined team of experts who specialize in our Service Pillars as well as collaborations with Business Partners who add value to our "total solution" approach. We begin by fully understanding the customer's needs so we can then provide truly Intelligent Services and Solutions. This is what gives Intellize our competitive edge.

Our Value Proposition

At Intellize, through the different Service Pillars we operate in, we bring unique value propositions. We as experts in each of the service areas, provide our customers: "Expert Advice", "Value for Money" Products and Services, and ongoing "Support Services". These factors sum up Intellize's generic value proposition to all our customers.

In Outsourcing, be it Business Process or Software Development, we are positioned to provide you the "Best Cost Effective" services taking into account the talent pool of Intellize Agents combined with "Cost Arbitrage" advantages.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Accounting Firm
    Melbourne, Australia

    By partnering with Intellize, we have managed to bring down the cost for accounting more than 50%. Thank you Intellize

  • Retail Client
    Sydney, Australia

    Intellize has brought in over 30% efficiency increases in managing my accounts. Their workflow and document management systems are extremely easy to handle and now I see everything on a single screen

  • Accounting Firm
    London, England

    By using Intellize, we were able to provide our SME Segment clients, extremely attractive fixed monthly rates for their accounting work

  • Small Accounting Firm
    Sydney, Australia

    Being in the accounting profession for over many years, I was new to integrating technology to my work. I am glad I accepted change as now I have doubled up my ability to service more clients as I freed up so much time from managing bookkeeping work. Recently I even started accepting payroll work which I refused earlier due to heavy workloads. Outsourcing is the way to go! and Intellize makes it a breeze!

  • Small Accounting Firm
    Bristol, UK

    We used to hire a full-time bookkeeper. Even though we didn't have sufficient work for a full-time person constantly, we had to hire a full-time bookkeeper as hiring of a part-time bookkeeper and paying overtime for extra hours was even costlier. But now with Intellize, our bookkeeping costs can be kept at hourly rates and accounting is tailor made and we can expand quite easily

  • Large Conglomerate
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    The IT solution provided to us by Intellize was extremely innovative and in delivering solutions, they tend to think out-of-the-box

  • Training Company
    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Intellize keeps to its promise of attractive turn-around-times and quality targets consistently. It makes our job easier

Outsourcing to Sri Lanka – Your Advantage

Sri Lanka won NOA (National Outsourcing Association, UK) coveted "Outsourcing Destination of the Year" award in two consecutive years (2013 & 2014).
Sri Lanka offers a tier 1 city Outsourcing Capability at a Tier 2 city Cost Structure.
Sri Lanka is ranked among the Top 50 Global Outsourcing destinations by AT Kearney.
Sri Lanka is ranked among Top 20 Emerging Cities by Global Services Magazine.
Sri Lanka is ranked 12th in the top ranking destinations in "IBM Global Location Trends" report.
Sri Lanka's literacy rate is approx. 92% and key business language is English.
Sri Lanka's Outsourcing industry annual growth is approx. 25%.
Sri Lanka Government Support to grow the industry is very encouraging with tax holidays, concessionary state of income tax, subsidized telecommunication & BPO infrastructure.
Sri Lanka houses the largest pool of UK qualified accounting professionals outside UK – amounting to approx. 20,000. This allows Sri Lanka to offer Finance & Accounting Outsourcing as a "Center of Excellence".
Sri Lanka's take-up on IT qualified personnel is either equivalent or higher compared to the accounting profession. This allows Sri Lanka to market as a hub in Asia for Information Technology related services.

Our Business Partners

Intellize has made great strides in handpicking our Business Partners. Our approach to collaboration has been to select partners who complement Intellize's offerings and principles. Our "Go to Market" strategies are with COMPLETE SOLUTIONS with our partners. So, additionally, we are a:

  • KPO & Data Analytics Provider

    In the Big Data world, analytics and data-driven decision making give businesses a competitive edge when faced with multifaceted problems that need dynamic responses. We can help organizations across industries to find solutions to complex business problems and unlock their potential through the application of statistical methods and data analysis techniques. Our core competency is the ability to apply sound statistical and mathematical techniques to analyze business problems, provide predictive functionality and carry out comprehensive analysis to offer insights and actionable outcomes.

  • Software Solutions & Hardware Provider

    Our services include Software development and maintenance, Hardware and Networking solutions. The diverse strengths of our Partners and Dealers such as HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, CISCO, Fujitsu, Cannon, Prolink etc. enables us to give the highest ROI to all our valued customers. With the strength of our expert team, we provide outsourcing of similar services such as administration and maintenance of day-to-day IT related issues in any organization in the most cost effective manner.

  • IT Business Solutions Provider

    By employing modern technological devices, communication protocols, pragmatic techniques and mechanizations, we strive to implement unprecedented and sustainable IT Business Solutions to address escalating business challenges in diverse industries. Our hardware-software integrated solutions are developed and administered quintessentially to augment operational and business performance by mechanizing key business processes, systems and information flow across functional domains.

  • RFID Solutions Provider

    We are experts at building Enterprise Solutions incorporating RFID Technology. Our specialization is to bridge RFID technologies with customers' existing software or to offer completely personalized solutions designed specifically to meet customer's needs. Our focus is solely on RFID Technologies to improve business accuracies, build visibility with a view to making processes efficient and to automate manual processes. Our aim is to create intelligent organizations of the future.


To provide our customers with innovative and intelligent solutions, we need talented people who think innovatively and intelligently. We recognize that our strength lies in the integrity and excellence of our employees and we rely on your passion, enthusiasm, experience and commitment to maintain and build on our successes.

At Intellize, we are always on the lookout for passionate people to join us in making this difference. For more information about career opportunities in the varied expertise of Intellize, please send your resume to info@Intellizeholdings.com with an indication of your areas of interest.

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