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At Intellize, Shared Service Center creation is one of our key competencies. We have a dynamic and a passionate set of Consultants who are well experienced in providing consultancy to organizations looking to create Shared Service Centers, Business Process Transformations etc. Our consultants are experienced across multiple industries and across multiple disciplines. Our Intellize Consultants will study the “As Is” processes, and map the “As Is” process after which they will analyze the process to pick inefficiencies, duplicates, wastage etc.

The “To Be” process is then created after consultations with the customer and incorporating industry “Best Practices” and standardization. The “To Be” process is then mapped and trained to Customer and put “live”. Our Intellize Consultants will “hand-hold” customer for a period of time until the customer is completely comfortable with the refined process. At Intellize, our consultants will work with customers to a point that they are fully comfortable.

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