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Information Technology Support Services

At Intellize, we specialize in providing technical support services to organizations on many fronts. Firstly, we provide outsourced support personnel for “desk-top” or “first-level” support. The personnel we provide will manage the day-to-day IT issues that require initial interaction with end-user. We help organizations to move away from the traditional model of building IT staff on a “Permanent Basis” and to utilize IT staff as and when requirements demand. This helps organizations to manage their IT costs effectively but to still maintain sufficient resources to manage IT. Our “Rule of Thumb” is that one outsourced IT Staff will be able to manage up to 50 end-users. These experienced personnel can either be located at customer’s premises or they are able to support customer’s remotely from our Operations Center.

Secondly, at Intellize we have staff that can support legacy systems such as AS400 at an administrative level as well as programmers who can write new programmes as well as maintain programmes using legacy languages such as RPG4.

Thirdly, Intellize specializes in providing SAP ECC support services on Functional aspects, programming aspects using ABAP Programming as well as administrative support aspect using BASIS. Our SAP support is extremely knowledgeable in providing Support Services to customers who wish to outsource their support element.

At Intellize, additionally through our business partner collaboration and diverse strength of partnerships and dealerships – we are able to offer our customers a range of data processing equipment related to IT such as servers, notebooks, desktops, printers, other accessories as well as consumables etc. We at Intellize are able to negotiate best prices on customer’s behalf to provide you with value for money products. Our hardware repair team is able to assist to fix minor issues in-house without depending on the dealerships. The warranty periods we obtain on behalf of our customers are extremely reassuring and the after sales support we provide is second to none. At Intellize, we put customer needs as our priority.

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