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Software Development Services

At Intellize, Software Development is another Service that we specialize in. Our developers carry out customized software development for our clients such as website development, ad-hoc system developments etc. At Intellize, we also market software products related to specific industries as well as generic. For example, our Inventory System is a generic product that cuts across multitude of industries, our Resort Management System has complete end-to-end functionality for managing hotels of any size and complexity, our trust accounting package is developed to suit law practices, our sustainability data gathering and analysis package is used for organization who wish to automate the process, our workflow system is developed as a generic product for organizations who wish to automate manual methods, our POS (Point of Sale) system is for retail clients etc. At Intellize, using our partner collaboration - we have developed a complete end-to-end solution that reduces pilferage and provides on-line data for the plantation industry.

We also specialize in the use of RFID technology where we build solutions that suit a multitude of industries. For example, our “Gaming Solution” allows automating the complete operation from the time a customer walks in to the premises till he/she leaves, our “Logistics Optimization Solution” enables monitoring and management of logistics surrounding the loading and unloading of cargo thereby optimizing time utilization that directly impact associated costs. Our “Patronage Management Solution” enables tracking of customer history, visit frequencies, purchasing patterns etc. that allows a more customer focused approach to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). At Intellize, we use a progressive approach to providing solutions. We incorporate 360-degree holistic view to understanding a problem; we don’t simply look at providing off-the-shelf solutions. Our methodology includes understanding the environment in which clients operate – enabling us to not only address pain-points of today, but also help you anticipate and prepare for the problems of tomorrow.

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