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This is Our Value Proposition

Our Expertise

At Intellize, we have created the "right mix" of a combined team of experts who specialize in our Service Pillars as well as collaborations with Business Partners who add value to our "total solution" approach. We begin by fully understanding the customer's needs so we can then provide truly Intelligent Services and Solutions. This is what gives Intellize our competitive edge.

Our Value Proposition

At Intellize, through the different Service Pillars we operate in, we bring unique value propositions. We as experts in each of the service areas, provide our customers: "Expert Advice", "Value for Money" Products and Services, and ongoing "Support Services". These factors sum up Intellize's generic value proposition to all our customers.

In Outsourcing, be it Business Process or Software Development, we are positioned to provide you the "Best Cost Effective" services taking into account the talent pool of Intellize Agents combined with "Cost Arbitrage" advantages.

To be more specific, take a glance at the Value Proposition brought to our customers on F&A (Finance & Accounting) Outsourcing Services, Intellize provide:

For Outsourcing Services, Intellize offers a holistic cloud-based solution to facilitate all forms of bookkeeping and accounting requirements of its clients. Our Service Management architecture is designed to provide access to accounting applications via any device, at any time, from anywhere, without requiring any software installation for the convenience of the client. Even if you are not a "techie", our software is simple and user-friendly to master and implement.
Intellize makes the affordability question irrelevant by pricing our accounting and bookkeeping services for less than the minimum wage of your home country. To add further value, the work is carried out by professionally qualified accountants.
Intellize technology is hosted in the cloud. Your data is simply uploaded to a dedicated secure server in your home country supported by AWS (Amazon Web Services), who provides maximum Server Security. Intellize Agents simply login to those servers, in order to carry out the processing. Therefore, your data never leaves the geographic boundaries of your own country and additionally, the Intellize Operations Center in Sri Lanka provides a fully monitored, secure IT infrastructure and a high security environment conforming to international data protection standards.
At Intellize, we deploy a 3-tiers quality assurance system for the work we process. We strive beyond surpassing industry best practices as Six-Sigma and certified ISO standards.
We are available on-line 24-7 to assist you. Our service desk is fully geared to pick-up your queries and escalate, if required. You will always have peace of mind knowing we are available in real-time.
Research shows that approx. 60% of accounting time is spent on bookkeeping activities. Intellize will take the hassle of such time-consuming, non-value adding tasks off you and let you concentrate on developing your core business.
At Intellize, we are experts at what we do. We are backed by a team of experts and a team of business partners with years of experience. Our credibility together as Team Intellize is unparalleled.
We hand-pick our Intellize Agents who are well experienced in performing the tasks. Our agents bring years of comprehensive experience to Intellize. With such crème de la crème agents, we are able to give our customers complete satisfaction.
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